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    FAIR and HONOR

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    Are the concepts of fairness and honor interchangeable, do they have distinct properties or isn't it just smart and strategic business to exploit a weakness in another competitor individual in an organization?

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    Per the Webster dictionary, we find the following definitions for fair and for honor:

    Fair: in accordance with rules or standards; without cheating or trying to gain an unjust advantage; treating others so as not to show favor; agreeing with what is thought to be right or acceptable.

    Honor: respect to someone who is admired; good reputation; high moral standards of behavior.

    With respect to a business situation, then, these would have separated, but related, connotations. That is to say that having honor or high moral standards seems to imply that that person would also be fair in terms of how people are treated, how we conduct our business affairs, and how we treat others (the old saying: "treat others as we would have others treat us" would seem to have merit). The honorable person would make every attempt to insure that each business transaction would have a win/win result; that is, both sides to the transaction would come ...

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    The expert discusses the differences and similarities between being fair and being honorable in a business setting