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Strategic Outcomes

Discus how understandable and fair HR policies and rules can lead to better strategic outcomes. Then, discuss how the concepts of due process and employment at will relate to the Value of Respect.

Your initial response should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information. As references, you may use your textbook or other articles and resources. Remember to use APA format for in-text reference citations.

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Understandable and fair HR policies and rules can lead to better strategic outcomes in three ways. First, the employees feel that the firm is fair with them and so their motivation is high. They work better. Second, if the employees understand HR policies the employees strive to further the goals of the organization (Price, A, 2011). This leads to better strategic outcomes. Third if HR rules are fair and are based on the strategic objectives, the work of employees will align with strategic objectives and lead to better strategic outcomes.

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Due process is a legal concept according to ...

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