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    Programming Problems (types)

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    Write a program to read a student's number, his or her old grade point average, and the old number of course credits (e.g., 31479, 3.25, 66) and to then print these with appropriate labels. Next, read the course credit and grade of four courses-for example, course1Credits = 5.0, course1Grade = 3.7, course2Credits = 3.0, course2Grade = 4.0, andso on.
    old # of honor points = (old # of course credits) * (old GPA)
    new # of honor points = course1Credits * course1Grade +
    course2Credits * course2Grade + ...

    total # of new course credits = course1Credits + course2Grades +...

    current GPA = #of new honor points/# of new course credits

    Print the current GPA with an appropriate label. Finally, calculate
    cumulativeGPA = (#of old honor points) + (#of new honor points)/(#of old course credits) + (#of new course credits)
    and display this label.
    Write the program in C++ language.

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