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    Personal Philosophy: Locke

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    1. Which of the ways of knowing makes the most sense to you (compared to people like Descartes, William James, William Cliford etc)? Why? Which makes the least sense? Why?

    2. What is your own way of assessing truth claims when made by: a) friends, b) media and c) scholarly works or books?

    This is to help facilitate my own thinking for a discussion. Not a class paper

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    I tend to find the Lockean view most consistent. This is for several reasons. Firstly, I agree in terms of identity: that as long as one can repeat a past action of memory with the exact same conscious behavioral structure that it maintained when doing the action at first, it is the same personal self. Although, an objection can be raised where we might have someone who has lost an arm whom cannot perform the same action as he did before he lost the arm. Locke says that this example merely shows that a person can be changed without changing the identity, as the ability, within the consciousness, to perform such an action still exists and is not dependant upon the ...

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