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    Volunteering and Social Responsibilities

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    How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community?

    o What are the community's responsibilities to the individuals?

    o As a member of the community, what do you think it means to be socially responsible?

    What does it mean to be socially responsible?

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    There are many different answers to this.
    One way to approach it is from the work of J.J. Rousseau (usually, in questions like this, you need to cite a major authority):

    Rousseau began from the point of view of the individual prior to any law or society - the state of nature. He saw man as purely individualist, living peacefully off what nature offered. The social organization is based on property. Once somebody claimed that something is "mine" - society began. Property creates class divisions, wars and, really is at the basis of the state. Rousseau's vision was to manifest the General Will (GW) in society. The GW is not the will of all, but the expression of the social whole. Without ...

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    Volunteering for social responsibilities are examined. What the communities responsibilities to the individual are given. What it means to be socially responsible is determined.