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Unethical Behavior in an Organization

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What role did the organization play relative to fomenting the behavior identified?
The idea is to define unethical business behavior in a given situation. What would that unethical behavior be? For example: The USAF has had several encounters of rape charges. How would I define this as "unethical behavior"?

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I found a list of the "top ten" ethical lapses in well known businesses. That seems to fit the bill here:

Take a look at #7:

DynCorp -
These guys are interesting because it is a private military company: they are mercenaries.
Since the US has no draft, they hire these guys to fill any manpower slots.
That (in itself) is an ethical issue, of course.

Here's the story:
In 2001, farmers from Ecuador filed suit against the mercenaries hired to continue the war on drugs.
DynCorp allegedly sprayed herbicide over farmers without regard to what they were spraying. It allegedly included lots of legitimate crops. They killed a bunch of people by spraying where there may have been drugs growing. Lots of villages were directly sprayed by these helicopters and crop-dusters. The US, of course, is on the hook for them, since they were/are employees of the US Department of Defense and the DEA.
This caused massive health problems in the area.

Two pieces:
http://colombiajournal.org/colombia78.htm ...

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