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    Human Beings Morals

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    To what extent do you feel that human beings need rules in order to be moral, and to what extent do you feel t hey should be free to adapt their behavior to different situations? Be specific, giving examples and illustrations.

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    The question you put is general and I think there is a presupposition, that is an opposition, in your question, namely that rules and freedom exclude each other. Is that what you think? Is a person not free who follows rules? What is really freedom? What is a free act?
    For example a soldier in a war following his innermost feelings and instincts makes him free, but following the commandments of the colonel does not make him free. I think there are a lot to consider:

    Is rules or moral taught to people? Isn't there a certain inclination in man to learn what a rule moral is? Do you think that the tendence to behave morally is encoded in mind. Or in other words: Is moral born in man or not? There have ...

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