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    Is it ethically justified to create designer babies?

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    I really need help with my term paper. The topic is: Is it ethically justified to create designer babies?

    I have attached my annotated bibliography and the assignment. Please help, I am not doing well in the class and I need to get all the points on this assignment to pass the class.

    I need to make sure to focus on the designer baby question specifically: Is it ethically justified to create designer babies? Not genetic testing or DNR orders.


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    I gave you a detailed outline. It came to 8 single spaced pages with lots of references. You can take it from here.

    1. How IRR compare with MIRR.

    The IRR (Internal rate of return) is a technique which determines the discount rate, which would make all future cash inflows equal to the initial outlay associated with an investment/project etc.

    The MIRR (Modified internal rate of return) is similar to the IRR because it attempts to identify a discount rate that will justify the existence of an ...

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    The expert determines if it is ethically justified to create designer babies.