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    When is one acting ethically?

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    Philosophy Ethics In Management
    Could you please help me with this question and summary?
    Regarding Kantian view

    Which of these three would be acting in a moral way according to the Kantians?

    Kantian view:
    Tom, Dick, and Harry each visits a sick relative in a nursing home. The results are the same, and the relative is greatly comforted. Tom does it because he is afraid if he doesn't, his other friends and relatives will think him unfeeling. Dick hates nursing homes and hates visiting this relative in particular, but he does it because he feels he has a duty to do so. Harry loves people and loves to comfort them, and this opportunity allows him to pass on that love.

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    Let us see.

    For Kant, you do your duty because it is your duty. In other words, as Hegel rightly said, you do it for duty's sake and for nothing else.
    In considering what is moral, Kantian ethics does not allow psychological or emotional factors to come into play. In other words, Kant does not care what you feel about what you're doing. He does not care about the consequences either. It is a rational duty that has nothing to do with emotions otherwise that would be subjecting morals to heteronomy.
    In the Kantian worldview, we are moral because we are rational. So when we act morally, we are acting rationally.
    So, in this particular case, the question would be: is it a moral duty to visit a sick relative in the hospital? If it is, then one should do it as his duty, ...

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    Three people visit the sick in a nursing home. They all do it for different, personal reasons. This solution deals with who among them is acting ethically and who is not.