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    The Existence of God

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    Can someone please help me so I can complete the following:

    Create a PowerPoint presentation (11-14 slides) in which you describe your personal viewpoint, as well as 3-4 related principle issues, concerning one of the topics in philosophy listed below:
    Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a god?

    Complete the following requirements in your presentation:

    ? Cover a topic mentioned above, as well as 3-4 principle issues within your topic.
    ? Develop your personal philosophy concerning the topic you choose.
    ? Cite at least three philosophers mentioned in Philosophy: The Power of Ideas according to APA style guidelines.
    ? Include speaker's notes that add to the presentation and, therefore, are not a replica of the PowerPoint slides.
    ? Using text and graphics, create 11-14 PowerPointTM slides to illustrate your philosophy. The presentation should include the following:

    o 1 slide introduction that presents your topic
    o 3-4 slides that describe 3-4 principle issues within your topic
    o 3-4 slides that present your views concerning the 3-4 principle issues
    o 3-4 slides that present historical philosophers' views as support to your theory
    o 1 slide conclusion
    References in APA format.
    Thank you for your help!

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    Dear Student,
    As per your posting above, I decided to create this PPT Discussion designed at being adopted to discuss 'The Importance of God' by using historical, socio-political & philosophical illustrations & viewpoints to show why Faith is important to Human History, the changes in the philosophical trends on religion arriving at a conclusion in the end answering your primary inquiry, "Does it make any difference if God Exists or not". I think that this is a good way to present your viewpoint as it offers concrete evidence on the importance of God to Man and the modern arguments against Faith and how it is not needed, perhaps in today's world. You may re-adopt & re-write this to fit your own needs. Might I suggest using images as well to enhance each slides? Thank you for using Brainmass!

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    PowerPoint Presentation Outline (text)

    A Historical & Philosophical Discussion on the Importance of God

    Slide 1:

    Title: Philosophical Viewpoints of the Presentation

    Text: Aristotle proposed that the 'Unmoved Mover', the cause of metaphysical investigation is seeking Understanding which was interpreted by scholars of the middle Ages as his reference to God. Natural Theology is deeply imbedded within Metaphysics, that branch of philosophical inquiry concerned with the ultimate nature of being and the world. Explaining reality has even the most gifted of thinkers reaching for the divine, with Rene Descartes believing in Dualism of the physical & the Divine. Science & a rich human history however have brought me to think that the importance of God in society cannot be explained by any singular religious philosophy alone. To understand how belief & the idea of God impacted nations & individuals I decided to look into history. In this manner I am hoping to show that how religious philosophies are situated, how Aristotle & Descartes views are true if situated in a particular context in time & social situation and how, at this point in time, Atheism seems the logical choice to adopt if we seek a world free of religious conflicts. Viewing God & a belief System's impact in this manner will show whether or not It makes a difference if there is or there isn't a God.

    Slide 2:

    Title: A world of Believers & Sceptics

    Text: The world is divided between those who believe in the existence of God and those who believe otherwise. Theists pursue their belief system according to the religion & faiths they have embraced pointing at various evidences and a system of reason to defend their stand. In the Western World, Christianity is rooted in the history of nations & a source of much of today's particular set of belief systems affecting heavily much of the moral & ethical systems measuring the validity or wrongness of an act or belief. In much of the Muslim nations Shari'ah Law applies and to many of the radicalized Muslim Believers, this has made the rest of the non-Muslims of the world infidels. Atheism is a particular position that does not affirm or reject the existence of Gods. The popular belief that Atheists do not believe in the existence of the divine is not entirely true, Atheists are non-theists, meaning that they do not believe in the worship of deities particularly as their existence has not been proven as truth. Atheists are sceptical of supernatural claims and their philosophies usually centre on humanism & naturalism; there is no singular ideology that Atheists adhere to. Atheism started out as a term applied to individuals who find conflict with a religious belief and with the spread of scientific scepticism & the criticism of religion, logic & reason became the applied choices of those who wish to understand the ways of the world without the dictates of a religious system they cannot fully understand or make sense of.

    Slide 3:

    Title: The Importance of God

    Text: In the very ancient of days, our ancestors have sought an explanation for existence and they find these by establishing belief systems that helped them make sense of things. In many ancient civilizations religion became a political, social & economic magnet of power establishing Empires. Central to the ancient Chinese Dynasties for instance was Ancestral Worship while a Pantheon of Gods gave power to the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Romans had their Greek-adopted deities while the Middle East gave birth to Judaism that was the root of two of the world's biggest (and most contented) belief system today: Christianity & Islam. Nations, Empires, Cultures of the past who helped establish the present we lived today pretty much took comfort in the manner by which they conducted their lives according to the belief system that their Deities dictate; historically we can argue that 'God' has become an important social agency for societies in this manner. In the following slides I am seeking to quantify this claim by looking at the way Religion has established key nations & particular practices that are made the world what it is today. After that I will present Atheistic arguments against the 'reality' of God and establish my perspective on the ...

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    This solution is a guide at creating a powerpoint presentation that takes on the question of whether there is or there isnt a God and what it means to have/not have a notion of/belief in God from an individualistic standpoint as well as from that of a social group as a whole. The solution provides a step-by-step guide text-wise (per slide with suggestions on how to present it) in creating an 11-14 slide set to discuss said topic for a lecture/presentation.