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Unbelievers of Descartes

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Hello- I'm still muddling through Meditations (I'm up to #3) and I'm wondering why an "unbeliever" (aethiest) like Descartes felt the need to prove the existence of God in this 3rd meditation....I don't get the purpose it serves in terms of the structure of all of this (Meditation).

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The expert examines unbelievers of descartes.

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Hello there. We meet again! Though I'm sure it's painful for you, it's great that you're genuinely struggling with this stuff. I do all the time, too. It WILL pay off!
<br>Okay, great question, but you're assuming Descartes is an atheist. He is not. He does, however, want to know if he can achieve knowledge independent from God. There is a sense in which this is not possible, but there is quite a bit of faith in reason (which is secured by God) as a faculty of knowledge independent from sense experience and other sources.
<br>So, where does that leave you? Well, remember in Meditation I, ...

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