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    Reflection:Descartes' Meditations

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    The publication of Descartes' Meditations has been identified as a defining episode marking the end of Medieval Thought and the beginning of Modern Thought. Discuss this view and make clear what particular themes or ideas in the Meditations support this interpretation.

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    You might consider this question in terms of Descartes' 'discovery' of the mind-body problem. Before him, there was not much talk about the self in relation to consciousness, and it was Descartes who, arguably, inaugurated that discussion.

    Moreover, Descartes is at the beginning swell of the Enlightenment, and its emphasis on reason as the Archimedean point (to use Descartes' reference at the beginning of the second Meditation) from which and by which science and all knowledge ...

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    The solution is a narrative providing a discussion/analysis of Rene Descartes' views & perspectives, his thoughts and ideas as shared through his work - 'Meditations'. In particular his ideas on being and consciousness is discussed as well as the fact that descartes' thoughts exhibited a very modern notion - that man, with the use of reason and logic can arrive at a factual understanding of the universe beyond the divine.