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    Are some people naturally slaves as Aristotle argued?

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    Aristotle believed that people who do not have the aptitude or time to participate in governance should not be citizens. Cite experiences from your life to support or refute his argument.

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    Aristotle was famously noted to have said that some people are born slaves, that is, some people are slaves by nature. He had no problem with this type of slavery. But there is another type of slavery he rejected: slavery by conquest. According to him, that one is overpowered does not mean one is inferior by nature to the one who overpowers. There is in Aristotle a basic premise which is that human beings are not equal by nature.

    Aristotle also believed that for one to be a citizen one needs to have the ability to take part in ruling and being ruled. An individual who does not have this capacity (either because they don't have the natural endowment or because they don't have the time) cannot be a citizen.

    Since citizens are obliged to ...

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    Are some people naturally slaves as Aristotle argued? This post discusses the pros and cons of this contentious issue.