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    Trigonometry : Word Problems

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    Find the exact trigonometric function value.
    sec 2655

    Solve the problem.
    From a boat on the lake, the angle of elevation to the top of a cliff is If the base of the cliff is 1216 feet from the boat, how high is the cliff (to the nearest foot)?
    Solve the right triangle.
    A = 10 40', c = 241 ft, C = 90

    Find the exact value without using a calculator or table.

    Find the exact value of s in the given interval that has the given circular function value.
    ; tan s = 1

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    Please see the attached file. The only thing unclear is that I cannot read the angle of A in problem 1, but I gave you the formula, and if you plug in the angle in it, you'll quickly find the answer according to my explanation.

    Find the exact trigonometric function value.
    sec 2655

    Solve the ...

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