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Square- we are to explain reflection: how many lines( 2 edges, 2 bisectors, vertex arrangement is order is 4 90degrees, rotation :center of shape is order 4, midpoint is order 2 180.

triangle- reflection 6lines(3edges and 3 bisectors), vertex arrangement is very similar to hexagon but(please explain) order 6 (60 degrees), rotation; center of shape order 3 (120 degrees), mid point 2 (180 degrees.

hexagon : reflection 6 lines, vertex arrangement order 3 , rotation center of shape order 6, mid point order 2.

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Tessellation of the plane is a collection of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps.

To explain plane figures to the kid, show a paper and say it is plane object.

And plat surface is an example of plane.

So if a plat surface filled with tiles without any gap, then it is a tessellation.

You can show the following figure to the kid to understand visual of tessellation.

Now the kid will understand the tessellation.

Now let's explain regular tessellation.

Regular tessellations are made up of ...

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