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Solving for Geometry Word Problems

a. A certain wheel has a diameter of 98 inches. If that wheel travels for 108 revolutions, then.
Questions: How many years has it gone? (use 22/7 for pi)
b. A regular hexagon and an equilateral triangle are equal in area. The perimeter of the triangle is 36.
Question: How long is one side of the hexagon?
c. The base of a certain triangle is increased by 20% and the altitude to that base is decreased by 40%.
Question: By what percent is that area changed? Is It Increased or Decreased?

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a. Since the circumference of the circle is given by pi times the diameter, the distance covered in one revolution is equal to 98(pi) inches. Using 22/7 for pi, we get this value as 308 inches. For 108 revolutions it is equal to 108 x 308 inches. When converted to yards, this ...

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In about 190 words, this solution describes how these geometry word problems can be solved. All required calculations are included.