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MTH 214

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1. Draw at least 4 different nets that would form a cube.

2. Are angles of a triangle considered to be supplementary? Explain your answer.

3. Classify the following as true or false. Give Reasons in support of your answer.

a. Two distinct lines that do not intersect are parallel

b. No square is a rectangle

c. If a plane contains one point of a line, it must contain the whole line.

d. A ray contains no endpoints

4. If the measure of an angle is 23 degree 17'18'', what is the measure of its supplement?

5. If the non-base angle of angle of an isosceles triangle has a measure of 70 degree, what is the measure of each base angle?

6. How many diagonals does a decagon have?

7. Is a rhombus a regular polygon? Explain your answer.

8. For the given figure, find the following:

[Please refer to the attachment for the figure]

a. m(< 1)

b. m(< 2)

c. m(< 3)

d. m(< 4)

e. m(< 5)

9. In the figure, how is the measure of angle 4 related to the sum of the measures of angle 1 and angle 2? Justify your answer.

10. In the following figures, find the measures of the angles marked x and y.

[Please refer to the attachment for the figure]

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