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    Sample solution: Number of combinations equal specified number

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    Find all the equations that add up to (-1) with a number set of (1)to(9)
    The answer has to fit into a rigid process. The process is as follows:

    (5)+(-3)+(0)+(4)+(-7) this line is the increase or decrease between the number list. Increase is a positive integer and the negative is a decrease. Next solve regularly.

    Using this formula I need to find all the possible combination numbers (i.e 3,8,5,5,9,2) that equal -1?

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    So suppose you have 6 numbers a,b,c,d,e,f
    <br>You want
    <br>(b-a)+(c-b)+(d-c)+(e-d)+(f-e)= -1
    <br>This ...