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    Probability with dice

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    You roll a dice twice. What is the probability that you will roll each of the following pairs of numbers.
    Please answer with explanation, and show formula.
    1. 6 then 5
    2. 6 then 2 or 5
    3. 6 then number less than 4
    4. even number then 2 or 5
    5. 1 and 1
    6. even number then odd number

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    When you roll a dice, there are 6 possible outcomes, namely the numbers 1 through 6. This means that there is a possibility of getting any particular number. When you roll the dice the second time, you again have a chance of getting any particular number. To find the probability of both of these things happening, you multiply the first probability times the second probability. This means that the chance of rolling a 6 and then a 5 is . If you were to use a formula for this, you first have to say ...

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