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Probabilities and frequencies

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50. U.S. Population The population of the United States by race in 2000 and the projected population by race for the
year 2025 are given below (in thousands).*

Race 2000 2025
White 196,700 209,900
Hispanic 32,500 56,900
African American 33,500 44,700
Asian American 10,600 24,000
Other 2100 2800

Find the probability of a randomly selected person being the following.
a. Hispanic in 2000 b. Hispanic in 2025
c. African American in 2000
d. African American in 2025

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Say we have 6 balls, three of them blue, two are red and one is green.
What is the probability of selecting a blue ball? we have three blue balls out of a population of six balls, thus the probability of selecting a single blue ball is : The number of blue balls in the population (3) divided by the total population (6), so it is

3/6 = 1/2.

By the same token, the probability of selecting a ...

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