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Linear programming questions using excel & analyze sensitivity

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Bradley Family

(a) Let X1 = # of acres of corn and X2 = # of acres of tobacco

Corn Tobacco Resources Available
300 520
Land 1 1 <= 410
Budget 105 210 <= 52500
Govt. Restriction 0 1 <= 100 Government Restriction

X1 X2
Decision Variables

Objective function

(b) How many acres of farm land will not be cultivated at the optimal solution?
Do the Bradleys use the entire 100 acre tobacco allotment?

('c) Should the Bradleys' lease extral land from their neighbor at $110 per acre?
What is the maximum price the Bradleys' should pay their neighbor? And how much land shoud they lease?

maximum price
# of acres of land

(d) For each dollar they borrow , how much additional profit will they make?
If they borrowed a additional $1000, would the number of acres of corn and tobacco they plant change?

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The solution gives detailed steps on solving 4 linear programming questions using excel data analysis pack and then analyzing sensitivity report for each question.

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