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Example of a Random Procedure with Specified Events

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Please list as many different groups of complete events as possible for an experiment of your choice (Probability). Need real world example on complete events

Definition of complete groups of events:A complete group of events is a group of incompatible events, such that at least one of them must occur as a result of an experiment.

Example 1:Tossing a coin twice will result in the following four events: (T, T), (T, H), (H, T), (H, H).

Obviously, all events are mutually incompatible, only one of them can occur as a result of an experiment "tossing a coin twice."

In flipping a coin n times, the following events: "No heads and n tails are an outcome of n trials, " "One head and n â?' 1 tails are an outcome of n trials, " "Two heads and n â?' 2 tails are an outcome of n trials, " ..., "n â?' 1 heads and one tail are an outcome of n trials," "n heads are an otucome of n trials" form a complete group of events.

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An example is rolling a fair die, where the possible events for one trial are the numbers which show up on the die, i.e. ...

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We give an example of a random procedure (tossing a fair die), in which we identify the possible outcomes (events) as well as their probabilities.