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Determining Independent or Dependent events

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Independent Events (I) or Dependent Events (D)

1) A spinner is flicked three times, and each outcome is recorded. _____

2) One thousand numbered raffle tickets are sold. Three different items are raffled off by randomly selecting three different raffle tickets. _____

3) A paper bag holds 4 slips of paper that are numbered 1 through 4. One slip of paper is taken from the bag, the number is recorded, and the slip of paper is put back into the bag. Then, another number is chosen and recorded. _____

4) Six students each pick a different number, 1 through 6. A die is rolled twice to determine which two friends get to play against each other first in a video game. _____

5) A lottery uses 7 different sets of ping pong balls numbered 1 through 40 to select each of the 7 winning lottery numbers. _____

6) A wheel has 20 numbers on it. The wheel is spun twice and the two numbers are added together. _____

7) A student turns over five cards from a deck of cards. _____

8) A student throws a deck of cards into the air and then counts the number of cards that, after landing, are showing the face of the card. _____

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Independent Events (I) or Dependent Events (D)
Independent events means that the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of another event but dependent events does affect each other.

1) A spinner is flicked three times, and each outcome is recorded. ___I__

2) One thousand numbered raffle tickets are sold. ...

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The solution gives detailed steps on determining whether given events are independent or dependent events.

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