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    Integer programming problems

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    Prob 1

    Blinkies is the 24-hour hot spot in town. The work schedules start every three hours
    and are listed below with the number of staff members neede for each three hour period.
    Staffers may be assigned 6 hour shifhts (for which they are paid $50) or 9 hour shifts (for which they are paid $65) A manager is rquired for each 25 staffers. Managers work 12 hour shifts and are paid $200 per shift. Their work schedules may also start on any of the 3 hour work periods What is the minimum cost to meet Blinky's needs and how many employees of each type will start work in each period? Could Blinky's save money by using 3 hour shifts for some employees if they had to pay $10 per hour for these staffers?

    Work Staff
    Period Required
    MN-3AM 30
    3AM-6AM 50
    6AM-9AM 150
    9AM-Noon 100
    Noon-3PM 200
    3PM-6PM 90
    6PM-9PM 250
    9PM-MN 75

    Prob 2

    We want to allocate our trucks over four different routes.

    Route Number of pkgs to be delivered
    1 250
    2 175
    3 360
    4 425

    We have 3 types of trucks. Their capacities are:

    Capacities (pkg)
    Route Light Medium Tandem
    1 15 24 96
    2 18 36 78
    3 12 31 84
    4 16 29 84

    Trucks 21 17 8

    the annual operating costs are:

    Truck type
    Route Light Medium Tandem
    1 $18.00 $18.00 $21.00
    2 $24.00 $22.00 $24.00
    3 $20.00 $19.00 $26.00
    4 $24.00 $21.00 $23.00

    What is the best way to meet our deliveries at the lowest cost?

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