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Modular Arithmetic - Thinking Mathematically

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1) The definition of length, weight, and modulus of a check digit scheme.

2) Choose one of the schemes discussed in the worksheets and describe it in terms of length weight and modulus. Then illustrate the check digit computation on an ID number valid for that scheme (for example on a book or some product you have handy).

3) Subject the ID number you chose in 2) to a single digit error to demonstrate how that error is detected. Then subject it to a transposition error and explain why the error is detected (if it is) or why it isn't (if it isn't).

4) Create a length 4 check digit scheme (you pick the weights and modulus) and analyze its ability to detect single digit errors and transposition errors.

Please see attachments to view worksheets.

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1). The definition of length, weight, and modulus of a check digit scheme.
Check digit schemes are numbers appended to ...

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Lenght, weight and modulus of a check scheme. Definition, detection of a single digit and a transposition error.
Creating a 4 digit check scheme and analyzing the ability of detecting type of errors described above.