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    Stiffness matrix for mass spring system

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    Please see attached file. How do i equate the mass spring system?

    B2 The spring-mass system shown in Figure B2 is in tension, where the spring stiffnesses of the nth spring are denoted by kn , l is the separation of the supporting walls and m is the mass held between each spring

    (a) Show, by equating the tension in each spring, that the stiffness matrix is given by [k] where:

    Figure B2 A mass spring system

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    Problem 2615(Answer)

    A mass spring system

    Consider the forces acting on m1 . There will be the force F1 due to spring k1 and F2 due to spring k2 . Now by Hooke's Law we have that:

    F1 = k1 x1 and F2 = k2 | s |; where | s | is the total ...

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    This shows how to find the stiffness matrix for a given situation.