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    Discrete Mathematics Definitions : Algorithm, Searching algorithm, Greedy algorithm, Composite, Prime, Relatively prime integers, Matrix, Matrix addition, Symmetric, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

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    On the following terms could you please give my an English text description - in your own words. Thanks.

    1. Algorithm:
    2. Searching algorithm:
    3. Greedy algorithm:
    4. Composite:
    5. Prime:
    6. Relatively prime integers:
    7. Matrix:
    8. Matrix addition:
    9. Symmetric:
    10. Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic:
    11. Euclidean Algorithm:
    12. Chinese Remainder Theorem:

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    On the following terms could you please give my an English text description - in your own words. Thanks.

    1. Algorithm:

    Informally speaking, an algorithm is a collection of
    simple instructions for carrying out a task.

    2. Searching algorithm:

    In computer science, a search algorithm, broadly speaking, is an algorithm that takes a problem as input and returns a solution to the problem, usually after evaluating a number of possible solutions. Most of the algorithms studied by computer scientists that solve problems are kinds of search algorithms. The set of all possible solutions to a problem is called the search space.

    3. Greedy algorithm:

    An algorithm that always takes the best immediate, or local, solution while finding an answer. Greedy algorithms find the overall, or globally, optimal solution for some optimization problems, but may find less-than-optimal solutions for some instances of other problems.

    For example, if we want to find how many quarters, dimes and pennies can be used to represent a given ...

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