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    Model formulation

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    Camel Trucking has a long term shipping contract with Hopeless Ventures Inc. Hopeless produces industrial quality generators at four manufacturing plants in Easton, Westville, Northbrook, and Southburg. Output from the four plants is shipped to warehouses in Singleton, Duce, Tripoli, Foura, Quincy, Six Gun City, Savannah, and Ochoa. Weekly production capacity and shipping costs are shown in the tables below.
    Use the current weekly demand shown in Table 3, find the cost minimizing routing of generators from the four plants to the nine warehouses. Your answer must include a model formulation and a shipping schedule, which includes a list of recommended shipments, cost of each shipment and total shipping cost.

    Table 1: Weekly Production Capacity by Plant

    Production Capacity
    Easton 1885
    Westville 1675
    Northbrook 2100
    Southburg 2250

    Table 2: Shipping Costs

    Singleton Duce Tripoli Foura Quincy Six Gun City Savannah Ochoa Nîmes
    Easton 36 45 31 38 46 27 25 48 50
    Westville 34 34 41 33 24 30 31 32 20
    Northbrook 31 47 36 42 25 28 30 37 47
    Southburg 44 31 27 27 31 39 46 43 23

    Table 3: Current Weekly Demand

    City Demand
    Singleton 828
    Duce 668
    Tripoli 287
    Foura 512
    Quincy 552
    Six Gun City 457
    Savannah 697
    Ochoa 745
    Nîmes 593

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    The following table gives the cost of shipping from each of the four plans to each of the nine warehouses together with number available in the various plants and the number required at various warehouses.
    Singleton Duce Tripoli Foura Quincy Six Gun ...

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