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    Solve a linear program problem

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    A manufacturer of refrigerators must ship at least 100 refrigerators to its two West Coast warehouses. Each warehouse holds a maximum of 100 refrigerators. Warehouse A holds 25 refrigerators already, and warehouse B has 20 on hand. It costs $12 to ship a refrigerator to warehouse A and $10 to ship one to warehouse B. Union rules require that at least 300 workers be hired. Shipping a refrigerator to warehouse A requires 4 workers, while shipping a refrigerator to warehouse B requires 2 workers. How many refrigerators should be shipped to each warehouse to minimize costs? What is the minimum cost?

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    Solution: Assume that x refrigerators should be shipped to warehouse A and y refrigerators should be shipped to warehouse B. Then the cost function c(x,y)=12x+10y, where x, y should satisfy the following ...

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    This solution contains a detailed explanation of solving a standard linear program problem in order to determine the minimum cost.