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Linear Programming : Simplex Method in Tableau Form

The following problem is something that needs to be put into tableau iterations, but I'm not sure of my answers on it... I'm catching on slowly, but would like to have something to use to check my work... This is a homework problem, but the homework is graded on participation, not correctness in this distance learning class. So I'd like to have the correct answer available, since I need to create my own feedback loop to make sure I'm learning the material. Please help:

Here is the problem:

Solve the following linear program by hand using the simplex method:

Minimize 3 X1 + 4 X2 + 8 X3

Subject To: 4X1 + 2 X2 >= 12
4 X2 + 8 X3 >= 16
X1, X2, X3 >= 0

Show all tableau iterations
a. What is the optimal solution?
b. What is the optimal Value?


I have the basic tableau form written down, with the variables across the top and the constraints placed in the table. But I need to have the right answer so I can check my work, and I'm very unsure of the calculations. Please help. Thank you.

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