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Linear programming (LP) problem

A fertiliser company has available 80 tonnes of nitrate and 50 tonnes of phosphate to use during the coming week to produce three different types of lawn fertilisers. The mixture ratios and profit are given in the table below . The manager of the company wants to maximise profit from the raw materials currently available and decides that the technique of linear programming should be in the decision making. Define appropriate vectors and matrices to formulate the LP problem as a set of matrix equations .(Do not solve the problem)

Fertiliser Nitrate
(T/1000 bags) Phosphate
(T/1000 bags) Profit
$/1000 bags
Regular Lawn 4 2 1500
Super Lawn 4 3 2500
Garden Spread 2 2 2000


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Formulates a linear programming (LP) problem using matrices and vectors.