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Linear Programming : Adjacency of Basic Feasible Solution and Hyperplanes

Can anyone finish up this proof by continuing my preliminery work? I started but can't finish this. I know starting by adding up the point z is correct way, but just can't continue to show if and only if.

(See attached file for full problem description)

Assume , , with rank (A) = m are given. Two different basic feasible solutions u, v of Ax=b, are said to be adjacent if they correspond to two bases that have exactly m-1 elements in common.

Suppose u, v are two different basic feasible solutions of Ax=b, . Prove that u and v are adjacent if and only if there exists a supporting hyperplane H of P:={x:Ax=b, } such that

Let z = , satisfying Az=b
We can rewrite as

Since , (u, v are bfs of Ax=b, )
Thus u and v are in the same supporting hyperplane H.


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