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    Vector Cross Products and Vector Equations

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    Compute these vector quantities.

    1) (i+3j-k) X (4i-j+2k)
    2) (-i+3j+4k) X [(2i-j-k)x(i+j-3k)]

    Find the characteristic equation for the matrix below and determine its eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvalues.

    -2 4 0
    1 1 0
    -3 4 3

    Find the equations for the indicated geometrical objects:
    1) the plane containing the line (3t,-t,1-2t) and orthogonal to the plane x-4y+3z=5.
    2) the line through the point (2,-1,3) and perpendicular to the plane x-4y+3z=5.

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    Problem #1: Computer these vector quantiies
    (1) , where
    , ,
    Thus the answer is

    Problem #2: Find the characteristic equations and corresponding eigenvalues and ...

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    Vector Cross-Products and Vector Equations are investigated.