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Making linear equations out of word problems.

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1. Assume that you do not know how many people from your contact list will call you this week. Let's call this number z.
a. What would this z be called in mathematics? A variable
b. If you know that on the week of your birthday you will get 2.3 times the number of calls as normal, write an expression that writes this in terms of z.
c. If z is the number of calls you got in module 1, calculate the number of calls you will get during your birthday week. Assume you got 10 calls in module 1. Z = 1
2. Assume that every week after the week you counted your number of contacts you add another person to the list. Assuming 150 contacts.
a. Write an equation that will tell you how many people will be on your list in x number of weeks.
b. Figure out how many people will be on your list in 12 weeks.
c. Figure out how many weeks it will take to have 200 people on your list.
3. Draw a coordinate system. On the x-axis place time measured in number of weeks, and on the y-axis the number of people in your contact list.
a. Assume week 1 is the week when you originally counted the number of contacts. Draw a point on the coordinate system that corresponds to the number of contacts at week 1.
b. Draw another point that corresponds to the number of people you calculated would be on your list in 12 weeks.
c. Draw a line that represents the equation you wrote in 2.a. Does this line go through the 2 points you drew in part 3 a and b? Why or why not?

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This solution provides step-by-step instructions for determining and graphing linear equations from word problems in 537 words.

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