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Linear equations and linear systems

1. Find the intercept, then graph in a document.
Y = -40 + 5x

2. On February 10th, Oscar rented a Chevy Trailblazer with a full tank of gas and 13,091 miles on the odometer. On February 12th he returned the vehicle with 13,322 on the odometer. The rental agency charged $92.00 and needed 14 gallons of gas to fill the tank. Please give an explanation for the answers to the following questions.

a) Find the SUV'S rate of gas consumption in miles per gallon.
b) Find the average cost of the rental in dollars per day.
c) Find the average rate of travel, in miles per day.
d) Find the rental rate in cents per mile.

3. Solve using the elimination method and explain the answer.

2x/3 + 3y/4 = 11/12
x/3 + 7y/18 = 1/2

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1. Find the intercept then graph in a document

There are two types of intercepts. There are x intercepts and y intercepts. These are the points where the graph crosses the x axis and the y axis respectively. When a graph crosses the y axis, the value of the x variable will be 0 at that point. When the graph crosses the x axis, the value of the y variable will be 0. You can find the x and y intercepts by substituting 0 in place of either x or y and then solving the equation for the other variable. To find the y intercept of this equation, put 0 in place of x to get y = -40 + 5 * 0 = -40 so the y intercept is -40. To find the x intercept, put 0 in place of y to get 0 = -40 + 5x. Add 40 to both sides of the equation to get 40 = 5x and then divide both sides by 5 to get the final answer of x = 8 so the x intercept is 8.

2. SUV RENTALS. On ...

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