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Linear Regression

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In normal circumstances, the zoo may be able to achieve its target goal and attract an annual attendance equal to 40% of its community. Approximately 35% of all visitors are adults. Children accounted for one-half of the paid attendance. Group admissions remain a constant 15% of zoo attendance.

Due to its northern climate, the zoo conducts its open season from mid-April until mid-October. It reopens for 1 week at Halloween and for the month of December. Zoo attendance depends largely on the weather. For example, attendance was down during the month of December 1995, which established many local records for the coldest temperature and the most snow. Variations in weather also affect crop yields and prices of fresh animal foods, thereby influencing the costs of animal maintenance.

Would simple linear regression analysis be the appropriate forecasting technique to calculate the expected gate admittance figures and revenues for both 1999 and 2000?

What factors other than admission price influence annual attendance and thus should be considered in the forecast?

Please refer to the attached document for complete question, with the attendance for the years 1989-1998.

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6. Following is a table with the set of x-values and their corresponding y-values filled in

xi yi xi2 xiyi
1 6
1 7
2 5
3 5
4 4
6 2
7 2
totals __ __ ___ ____
(sum of all values in each column)

a. Complete the table.

b. Find SSxy

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