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    Integration: The Limit of a Sum

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    Find by the method of summation the value of :

    a) The integral (from 0 to 1) of the square root of x. (dx)

    b) The integral (from 1 to 4) of 1 divided by the square root of x. (dx)

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    Integration as the limit of a sum (III)

    Find by the method of summation the value of:

    1 4
    (a) ∫ √x dx (b) ∫ 1/√x dx
    0 1
    Solution: (a) ∫ √x dx Put √x = t , then ½ 1/√x dx = dt or , dx = 2t dt
    0 When x = 0 => t = 0
    When x = 1 => t = 1


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