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evaluate integrals and area of bounded region

(See attached file for full problem description with proper questions)

1. Find the indefinite integral

2. Find the definite integral:(4x+1)1/2 dx

3. Find the area of region bound by the graphs of the equations, then use a graphing utility to graph the region and verify your answer:
Y=x(x-2)^(1/3) Y=0, x=2, x=10

4. Find the indefinite integral (hint: integration by parts is not required for all the integrals)

5. Given the region bounded by the graphs of y=xe^x, y=0, x=0, and x=1 find the area of the region.

6. A professional athlete signs a three year contract in which the earnings can be modeled by C=300,000 + 125,000t
Assuming an annual inflation rate of 5%, what is the present value of the contract?


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The solution shows step-by-step evaluations of several integrals. It also shows how to find the area of the bounded region by integral.