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Area Between a Curve

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Please assist me with the attached problems relating to finding the region within a curve.

3. (a) Obtain an expretsian far Calculating the area between the curve y=2?x+x2 and the u-axis far 0 <x< 2 by dividing the area up into 2n strips of equal width (each strip will have width 1/n) and then taking the limit as n ---> infinity.
Use the "Find Sum" and "Find Limit" buttons of Derive to find an exact value
for this calculation and compare it with...
(b) Show that ....
Hence, evaluate ...
(r) Given the carve y = (x+ 1)e2 the region enclosed by the curve....
(i) Express the area A as a definite integral.
(ii) Evaluate A to two decimal places.
(d) ....

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(a) , .
We divide into subintervals, each subinterval has width . So each ...

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