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    Two questions in group theory

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    Problem #1
    Prove that Aut(V)= (S3)and that Aut(S3)= S3.

    Problem #2
    If H and K are normal subgroups of a group G with HK = G. Prove that
    G/(H n K) = (G/H) x (G/K).

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    1) Let G be a finite group with n elements. We can list the elements of G as . Assume that . Then to any automorphism , we can associate a permutation by the rule where . (We can ignore what happens to the identity since the identity is fixed for all automorphisms, )
    In other words, the group of automorphisms is isomorphic to some subgroup of .
    a) has 4 elements, so is isomorphic to some subgroup of .
    defines an automorphism with associated permutation . Since has order 2, Lagrange's theorem tells us
    defines an automorphism with associated permutation . Since has order 3, Lagrange's theorem tells us .
    These two facts combined tell us . But , so we must have .

    b) Since is generated by ...

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