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Nilpotent Groups

Let G = UT (n,F) be the set of the upper triangular n x n matrices with entries in a field F with p elements and 1's on the diagonal. The operation in G is matrix multiplication.
(a) Show that G is a group
(b) Show that G is a finite p-group
(c) Consider the upper central series of G:
1 = Z_0 (G) <= Z_1 (G) <= Z_2 (G) <=....<= Z_c (G) = G
Write explicitly what Z_1 (G), Z_2 (G), and Z_3 (G) are.
Show that Z_3 / Z_2 = Z (G/Z_2)
Prove that G is nilpotent of class exactly n-1.

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Nilpotent Groups are investigated.