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Will Meteorites Travelling on a Parabolic Path Strike the Earth?

The earth with center at the origin has equation of xsquared + ysquared =65 where x and y are distances in thousands of kilometers. Will either of these two meteorites whose equations I will give you strike the earth? The first meteorite is a parabola whose equation is 18x-ysquared = -144. Please show all steps in sketching and show how you would use y-intercept to help estimate its path. The second meteorite is coming from the lower left along one branch of the parabola whose equation I just gave you. This second meterorite's equation is 4(xsquared) - ysquared - 80x = - 340. Will it strike the earth and where? Show sketch and please give basic steps

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It is determined whether two meteroites travelling on different paths will strike the Earth. Diagrams and explanations of calulations are included.