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Using a Graph to find the Maximum Area Enclosed; Volume Calculations

A rancher is building a rectangular corral and is using one wall of his barn as one of the sides. Because the barn wall is quite long, he needs fencing only along the other three He has 500 feet of fencing. The rancher wants the area of the conal to be as large as possible. should he choose as the dimensions of the corral? (Don't assume that the "obvious" answer is correct). Construct a table that can be used to help find the largest area. Use the table to find the correct dimensions.
Graph the equation...

4. The city of Euclid is building a public swimming pool. The architect of the pool builds the pool in the shape of a rectangle.
The walls of the pool will be veica1 and the pool will be 4 feet deep everywhere. The length of the pool is 24feet and the width is 15 feet.
After the pool is built, the city will have to paint the inside of the pool (which means the walls as well as the bottom). Find the total surface area(in square feet) of the inside of the pool.
Find the volume of water needed to fill the pool.

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