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Use an excel spreadsheet with the data provided

(a)Use an excel spreadsheet with the data provided
activity time (sec)
4022 38.6
3424 77.0
2613 113.8
2158 152.6
1590 188.9
1337 228.6
940 269.7

prepare a graph of activity vs. seconds. Use a trend line to produce the best exponential line through the points.

(b) Use the excel spreadsheet again with the data to prepare a graph of ln(activity) vs. time (seconds) . Use lin fit to produce the best straight line through the graph through the points and have the equation of that line printed on the graph.

ln (activity)t= _________t+_____________

Use the y-intercept of the line to calculate the activity which was present at the original time t=0

Use the slope of the line to determine the value of the rate of constant or decay constant

Use the equation to calculate the time at which the activity has decreased to 500
Pleas help with attached problem.


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