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    Financial Calculations in Excel

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    Using the partial financial data provided in the Excel (2010) spreadsheet, fill in the missing values for the blue fields using the data provided in the black fields.

    Calculations include items for Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Financial Ratios, and Common Size Balance Sheet.

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    The attached spreadsheet contains the calculations for balance sheets, income statements, financial ratios, and common size balance sheets. The answer values are colored blue, next ...

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    The solution provides an Excel spreadsheet with dummy data (colored black). Then the various calculations are inserted (blue) to fill out the financial statements. The spreadsheet is divided into two tabs, one for balance sheet and income statement examples, the second for balance sheet, income statement, ratios, and common size balance sheet.

    Instructions are also inserted so students can use the features of Excel to Trace Precedent or Trace Dependent cells so that all doubt can be eliminated concerning which data items in the spreadsheet contribute to the answers.