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Trees and Graphs : Outerplanar Graphs

What bound is given for X(G) by the theorem "for every graph G,
X(G)<=1+max &(G') ,where the maximum is taken over all induced subgraphs G' of G" in the case that G is
a) a tree?
b) an outerplanar graph.

Note: -&(G') this sign represent the minimum degree of G'. Yes it is that minimum
-A graph G is outerplanar if it can be embedded in the plane so that every vertex of G lies on the boundary of the exterior region. A graph G is outerplanar if and only if G=K1 is planar.A graph G is outerplanar if and only if it contains no subgraphs that is a subdivision of either k4 or k2,3.
A graph G is outerplanar of order n>=2 and size m, then m<=2n-3.
Page 145 of the book Graph and Digraph" 4ed be G Chartrand and...
What does outerplanar graph?
draw a graph please.

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Trees and outerplanar graphs are investigated.