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Intercepts and Inequalities

1. Simplify: (-4)(5)(-7)(2)

2. Two trains are approaching each other on the same track. They are 500 miles from each other. One train is traveling at 40 mph, the other at 60 mph. A bird is flying back and forth between them at 150 mph. How long before they collide?

3. Solve for y: x = (y-b) / m

4. Graph x - y = 4

5. A person wants to buy an article, and has a spending limit of $700.
If there is a 10% sales tax, write an inequality that shows the price range in in which he should be looking.

6. Graph the inequality y < 1/2 x +2
This graph will consist of a dashed line upward sloping with a y-intercept of 2, an x-intercept of -4, and passing thru (2, 3)

7. Convert 230 yards per second to miles per minute.

8. What are the x and y intercepts of 2x -y + 3 = 0

9 . Graph the inequality 2x -3y > 6.
Which portion of the grid satisfies the inequality?

10. A line with a slope of -1 has an x intercept of 3
What is the y intercept?

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