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    Plot graph

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    Please explain how to make a plot graph

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    Plotting a graph can be separated in to two parts:
    First we have to find out what the specific points to plot on our graph. This is basic and an important step. If we make a mistake on this this step, our plotting will be wrong. These points either be given or we have to calculate them.
    What might we plot?
    1-a function that is given to solve, (for example y=x+2)
    2-group or set of numbers S={(2;3),(1:5),(4:7)}
    If are given a function and they are asking from us to plot this function on X-Y plain,
    we should calculate relevant points
    how we calculate;
    if the function is for example y = 3x + 6
    -We should realize first that this graph will be a line. Because x ...

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    This explains how to make a plot graph.