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Mathematics: Fundamental Questions on Slopes/Gradients

1. Identify whether the slope is positive, negative, zero or undefined. Please show work or explain answer so that I can understand it
Please see attachment for graph for question 1.
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Zero
d) Undefined

2. Find the x- and y-intercepts for the equation. Then graph the equation. Please show work.
-3x - 6y = 18
Please see attachment for answer choices for question 2.

3. Decide whether the pair of lines is parallel, perpendicular, or neither. The line through (-20,5) and (-4,7) and the line through (-5,5) and (7,4). Please show work and explanation.
a) parallel
b) perpendicular
c) neither

4. Write an equation in standard form for the line passing through the pair of points (7,8) and (7,-8). Please show work.
a) -8x + 8y = 0
b) y = 8
c) x = 7
d) 8x - 8y = 0


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The answer is D.
When the line is vertical, the slope is undefined.

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(x1,y1) and ...

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The fundamental questions on slopes and gradients mathematics are examined.