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    line equation and graph

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    Find an equation in slope-intercept form (where possible) for each line.
    Through (-2,6), perpendicular to 2x-3y=5

    Use slope to show that the square with vertices at (-2, 5) (4,5), (4 -1) and (-2,1) has diagonals that are perpendicular

    Graph each equation.
    2x-3y= 12

    Exercise To achieve the maximum benefit for the heart when exercising, your heart rate (in beats per minute) should be in the target heart rate zone. The lower limit of this zone is found by taking 70% of the different between 220 and your age. The upper limit is found by using 85%.

    Find formulas for the upper and lower limits ( u and l) as linear equation involving the age x.
    What is the target heart rate zone for a 20-year-old?
    What is the target heart rate zone for a 40-year-old?
    Two women in an aerobics class stop to take thier pulse, and are surprised to find that they have the same pulse. One woman is 36 years older than the other an d is working at the upper limit of her target heart rate zone. The younger woman is working at the lower limit of her target heart rate zone. What are the ages of the two women, and what is their pulse?

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